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I had the best time shooting this darling family. Photographing them in their everyday surroundings provided a comfort and familiarity that created authentic and raw moments. Bringing in any harsh lighting would have been too much on Charlie's new little eyes so we used all natural light. Using depth of field and pale natural colors we captured the innocence of these 2 beautiful brothers in a raw and real form.


There is a difference between corporate headshots and corporate branding. Headshots are typically taken from the chest up and used for media, annual reports, websites, marketing, LinkedIn, etc. I am often asked to do both but this post is really about headshots. (Editorial portraits will come in a later post.)

Your headshot is your FIRST impression. Think first can tell a lot about someone right off the bat. Thats why as a photographer I really try and capture personalities. Granted, it's a challenge if I only have 7 minutes with each executive but we really try mixing it up so that we get serious business shots , plus friendly more approachable shots. Either way the goal is to capture personality.

Makeup, hair and wardrobe is important. You want to wear what you usually wear to work. If you are in tech and wear t-shirts, we can make your causal look seem more business-like. If you are in banking, we recommend you wear a suit or what clients see you in. The absolute most important thing is to wear what you love and that will show through in the photo. Confidence is the best outfit:) We can give you more detailed info on that.

We use a solid backdrop for these and can come to your office or you can come to our studio in Atherton, CA. Black, white or grey backgrounds are most typical but trends are leaning to color-yellow, pink, blues. We have it all!

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There is nothing quite like working with what you have. I had the best time in New York a couple weeks ago shooting Asia. We shot at the Whitby Hotel but I was not completely prepared! I had brought one wireless speed light and one lens (70-200). Thank heavens Asia is also a photographer so she brought me a reflector and her 24-70 lens so that we were able to shoot within the confines of a small hotel room! I tied my speed light to a hat stand that was in the room.

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I went to Treasure Island the other day...for a fashion shoot. The weather was perfect (slightly overcast with some sun peeking through clouds) and my model was such a trooper. We were there for 5 hours and stopped for a cheeseburger (yes she is a size 0 and ate a whole burger in 5 minutes) at Mersea, I highly recommend this cool new spot on the island.

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